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Advanced AKK K500 poker analyzer for sale

AKK K5 poker analyzer is processed internal playing cards cheating camera with the original Samsung S6 mobile phone appearance design. But you could choose the inner camera or external scanning camera for reading barcode invisible ink marked cards. Due to the dedicated dynamic HD camera, it can scan barcode marked cards in a wide range than other all-in-one poker analyzer.
Processed with advanced software, AKK K500 poker analyzer can calculate and report poker results in backlighting environment. And it is very fast. No matter what kind of poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccract, etc, all could be customized as your requirement.
AKK K50 poker analyzer has a P5 bluetooth power amplifier, which can make its reporting sound clearer even in the far distance. The reporting sound from the dedicated earpiece going with the AKK K5 analyzer can be adjusted to the clearest level.