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Advanced AKK poker analyzer

AKK poker analyzer devices vary K3 poker analyzer, K4 poker analyzer, K5 poker analyzer from AKK A1 poker analyzer. You can choose you like one as your poker hand for calculating playing cards odds.
The all-in-one AKK poker analyzer devices that have its built in camera lens so that you do not use the other poker cheating camera. Meanwhile, it can work with the other poker camera lenses as well. If the playing cards analyzer has no built-in camera, you need to use external marked cards scanner.
AKK poker analyzer has the same appearance as a real Samsung phone. When you use it at Texas Holdem games, just put it on the poker table and it will read invisible ink barcode marked cards and analyze the poker result within 0.1 second. Besides, you can set the forms of reporting results.
In addition to Texas Holdem, AKK poker analyzer can be suitable for Omaha, Blackjack, Flush and many other games.