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Different size of unmarked cards poker shuffler

While playing Baccarat or Blackjack, poker dealers usually use cards shufflers to shuffle poker decks instead of shuffling them with hands. We can make a regular shuffler into a cheat shuffler with poke camera.
We have cheating poker shufflers of different sizes for your choice: small size for shuffling 2 decks, medium size for shuffling 4or 6 decks and big size for 8 decks. All kinds of these cards shufflers can be processed into cheat poker devices.
This poker shuffler device can read non marked cards and there is no need for you can use marked cards poker. It can scan poker faces, then turn them into digital numbers, and last send the information to a cell phone or a computer monitor. With good concealment, the mini playing card scanner is hard to be found even by those who check the poker shuffler.