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Get the dice point you want by remote control dice

If you want to win in poker dice game, it is hard to win by luck. But you can use dice cheating equipment for helping you, such as remote control dice that can help you get the dice point you want.
The remote control dice we sell are no different from normal dice from the appearance. But inside the remote control dice, we fix a magnetic microchip which cannot change the weight of dice. Any brand of dice we can make for you, such as Las Vegas dice and Bicycle dice, etc.
To work more efficiently, our remote control dice should be tossed on a processed magnetic dice base board which can be fixed under the table. The closer to its center, the better. This magnetic base board is a controlling unit, running on a rechargeable basis. It just need 2-3 hours to recharge and can stand by up to 8 hours without consuming any of its power.