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How to choose the best infrared contact lenses

Besides barcode marked cards, we also have poker marked cards for infrared contact lenses. It is convenient and simple to help you enjoy more fun in poker games.
Infrared contact lenses are the parts of playing cards devices. There are three kinds of marked cards contact lenses. They are the best quality infrared contact lenses, the better quality invisible ink contact lenses and the good quality luminous contact lenses. When you wear these special contact lenses inside your eyes, you could read invisible marks on the back of playing cards clearly. And then you can know poker suits or poker points directly.
These playing card contact lenses work together with back poker marked cards. It is safe and convenient for you to use at Omaha, Texas hold em, Blackjack and other poker games.
If you are interesting in infrared contact lenses, please let me know your eyes color and what kinds of marked playing cards you use in local, and I will quote beautiful prices to you.