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How to use car key playing card scanner

If you want to choose a marked poker camera to help you cheat at poker games, we recommend you to choose Audi car key playing card scanner.
Audi car key marked cards lens is an excellent high definition poker camera for cheating. It is used for scanning barcode marked cards in different kinds of poker games. No matter you are cheating Omaha, Texas holdem, Baccarat, Blackjack or other kinds of poker games, you could choose this Audi car key scanner camera lens.
Audi car key marked poker camera can scan different brand of laser marked cards, such as Bee cards, Modiano cards, Copag cards and Fournier cards, etc.
Both of invisible barcode marked cards and Audi car key poker camera are on hot sale in our Company. Car key marked cards lens for scanning edge side marked cards will bring more benefits in poker games to you.