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LD D4 poker analyzer for marked cards

LD series poker analyzer is the latest poker analyzer in the world. There have LD D4 poker analyzer, LD D6 poker analyzer software, LD I6 poker card analyzer and LD CTKQ5 poker analyzer devices. LD D4 poker analyzer is one kind.
LD D4 poker analyzer has the same appearance like Samsung phone that you can use in poker games. We set one poker scanner inside D4 poker analyzer so that it will scan barcode marked cards, the scanning distance of its local poker camera is 20-40cm. When you put your all-in-one LD D4 poker analyzer on poker table, it will scan edge side marked cards and also analyze poker data to you.
How did you get poker results? You can see the result from the screen of the LD D4 poker analyzer. What is addition, you can receive poker results by Bluetooth earpiece.