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Luminous ink contact lenses for marked Bee cards

Bee playing cards are a casino cards brand which was manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company since 1892, hence the number "92" on the Ace of Spades. Current versions of Bee playing cards have a blue or red non-bordered diamond back.
Bee playing cards are quiet popular in America, especially USA and Canada. We are marked cards manufacturer specialized in marking Bee playing cards for luminous ink contact lenses, and we using cards marking printer. Bee poker cards have different kinds, Bee cards with a bee on the back side of playing cards are one of the best selling kind. There have red and blue Bee cards with a bee on the back for your choice. You can select the like one.
You can use luminous ink contact lenses or invisible ink glasses to check marked cards in casino games whether other players using invisible ink marked cards or not. Generally speaking, red Bee cards have clearer invisible ink marks than blue Bee marked playing cards.