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Bicycle ultimate marked decks

Bicycle playing cards are originated from USA. They are famous for high-quality and popular poker players. When coming to Bicycle poker decks, we always think of marked cards with invisible luminous ink for special infrared contact lenses. Good quality poker playing cards need to superb marking technology to be marked perfectly.
How to mark Bicycle luminous cards? There have blue cards and red cards in Bicycle brand. We marked a big white invisible luminous font in the middle of the cards while marked small fonts in four corners in the middle of the cards. All of these luminous juice markings could be seen by wearing infrared marked cards glasses or marked poker cards contact lenses. Other poker players cannot see thorough markings backside Bicycle playing cards. What is more importantly, wearing invisible ink contact lenses marked cards will not change the color of your eyes. No matter you want to perform in the magic show or playing magic tricks marked cards in poker games, ultimate marked bicycle cards decks are absolutely the best choice for you.