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Marked Copag Poker star cards

Copag Poker star marked playing cards with luminous ink marks on back by invisible ink pen or cards marking printer are for IR/UV contact lenses recognizing. Besides IR/UV marked cards contact lenses, marked cards sunglasses or luminous ink glasses can read the invisible marks clearly.
The invisible marks can be marked with a big front, a letter, or a number or other luminous ink marks that stand for the suits or points on Copag Poker star poker faces. As long as you choose any kinds of marked cards readers under related lighting, the marks can be readable clearly. Then, you will know the poker faces of next card easily. With this chance, the poker games will be mastered easily.
Playing cards contact lenses are the best effective and perfect for reading marked cards, especially Copag Poker star marking playing card. No one will find that you wear poker contact lenses and use with Copag Poker star marked decks in games.