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Marked Fournier Poker Vision playing cards

Marked cards are popular gamble poker devices and luminous ink marked cards are used widely by poker gamblers. These marked cards tricks are hard to be found by other people. Fournier Poker Vision marked playing cards are one kind.
We have made invisible ink marks on the back of Fournier Poker Vision cards. When you wear a pair of luminous contact lenses, it is clear to help you see those invisible ink marks on the back directly. Luminous colored lenses cannot change your eyes color. Therefore, other poker gamblers will not pay attention to your tricks. Naked eyes cannot see anything at all because Fournier Poker Vision marked cards have no difference as normal cards.
In addition to Fournier Poker Vision marked cards, we have Fournier 2818 marked card poker, Fournier 2500 marked decks and 818 juice marked cards Fournier, etc.