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Marking cards with invisible ink

Marking cards is not an easy process. At the same time, it is an art which requires practice.
Marking cards means marking something special marks on the poker cards. There are several types of marked cards for your choice: such as the cards marking with invisible ink, laser bar code marked decks and poker cards with infrared marks. There are different ways to mark them as well as strategy.
As for the invisible ink marked cards, we often mark the invisible ink poker cards by the printer and we will design the marks which we want to print on the cards in advance. Also, we will use the invisible ink pen to mark luminous marks by hand. Only by wearing the infrared marked cards ultra contact lenses could you see through the luminous ink fonts marks. All kinds of marked cards have a small change on the back of the card. Yes, the change is very small and more than likely 99% chance not noticeable.
With regard to the laser bar code marked decks and IR marks on the back of poker cards, both of these two kinds of cards are made by the other machine. As you can see, the former marked cards are printed the marks on the edge side of poker cards which are only work with the poker scanning lens. The IR marked cards could only be read by the poker spy infrared camera and the results could be appeared on the display screen.