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Newest CVK 500 poker analyzer

Newest CVK 500 poker analyzer rolled out in 2017 is a great playing cards cheating device for many poker games like Texas Holdem. Poker hand odds calculator of CVK 500 poker analyzer is the fastest poker winner reporters that will let you know who are the biggest winner, the ranks of all players, the best and second best poker hand or other poker results before the games starts.
CVK 500 poker analyzer has two original sound transmission functions, one is the reporting sound can not only be transmitted through a traditional wireless spy earphone, but also through a special one to one earpiece. Besides, you can know poker results by seeing time mode from screen or by feeling shaking of watch. You just need to set CVK 500 poker analyzer for whatever kind of poker results you want to know in advance.
Compared to other version of CVK poker analyzer, CVK 500 poker analyzer can scan laser marked cards in a large scope while being moved no matter its screen up or down.