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Poker mercury dices for sale

Mercury dices are processed with a certain amount of mercury inside the dices, but still have the same appearance and same weight as ordinary dices. Magic mercury dices are one kind of cheating dices system.
How to use mercury dices cheating in magic dices games?
The mercury is movable, capable of moving to any side of the dice. if you want to get 6 pips, you just need to make 1 pip face-down, and then, the mercury will move to the side of one. And under the action of gravity, the face of six will always face up. In other words, the mercury dice are just like tumblers for as long as their center of gravity is fixed, no matter how you spin them, only the fixed side(s) will face up.
Besides mercury dices, we have magnetic remote control dices and non magnetic remote control dices, inductive dices and other poker dices, etc.