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Polarized ink pen for invisible ink marked cards

How to make invisible ink at home? Luminous ink marked cards pen kit is one kind of useful cards marking tool for sale on the market to all poker lovers to make luminous ink marked cards at home. As you can see, we can mark poker cards everywhere and every time by marked cards poker pen.
Maybe you will ask that how does the invisible ink inside luminous ink pen work? Here hide a big secret in this marking playing cards polarized ink pen. We according to the white-light principle and blend the marked cards ink and both you cannot see invisible ink marks by naked eyes. All of you can read through luminous ink markings by GS special UV playing cards contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses.
Where to buy this magic tricks invisible ink pen? You can find this marked cards poker pen in Walmart or Amazon, but luminous ink kit poker pen in China GS manufacturers is the best one for marking cards clearly.