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Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone poker analyzer

GS marked cards factory sale Omaha AKK K5 poker analyzer to help you win in Omaha poker games.
AKK K5 poker card analyzer, with the original exterior design of Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone, is just 7.5mm in thickness. There has a mini single playing card scanner set inside K5 poker analyzer for scanning laser marked cards. Not only that, a newly-upgraded 3.0 poker analyzer software has been installed in AKK K5 poker analyzer, which can make it capable of reporting poker results more quickly, stably and accurately no matter its screen faces up or down.
AKK K5 poker analyzer cheat with any brands of barcode marked cards from our company. In addition to Omaha, this AKK K5 poker analyzer Omaha can be set with other two kinds of poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Flush, Andar Bahar and others. You can choose you like one.