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Three generation cards marking ink

So far, our company uses three types of cards marking ink to make laser marked cards.
The first one is the 2nd generation laser marked cards ink. Marks using this laser ink can be read by its corresponding playing cards scanner and presented on the monitor screen clearly without supplementary light.
The second one is the 5th generation edge side marked cards poker ink. Marks made using this laser ink are fluorescent. With necessary supplementary light, they can be clearly seen on the monitor screen after being read by its corresponding poker marks scanner.
The third one is the latest 8th generation laser playing cards ink. Supplementary light is also needed to see the invisible marks made using this kind of ink. Only its corresponding poker camera can read the markings.
After continue effort, we have made a big breakthrough in cards marking ink. All of the laser ink marks we print on the card backs can stay unfading as long as 2 years.