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What is the best playing card scanner

What is the best playing card scanner? The best playing cards scanner should be secret and hidden. We often disguise daily item as common items, such as car key, watch, wallet, leather belt or tissue box, etc. In this article, I will introduce you to tissue case barcode marked cards scanner.
The good concealment of the poker camera lens makes it difficult for other people to discover its existence, and thus the poker scanner can read barcode marked cards in an undetectable way. Its normal scanning distance of tissue box poker scanner is 20 to 40cm, but if you prefer wider scanning distance, we can customize for you as well.
Tissue box with poker scanner is especially suitable for private poker room games or home playing cards games. For a better cover-up, there is a normal tissue case without barcode cards scanner inside. After tissue box playing card scanner reading laser marked cards, the poker data will be sent to poker analyzer devices for calculating poker results to you.