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Where to buy best water bottle scanning lens

Do you know what is the water bottle poker camera? Water bottle poker camera is fixed with a wireless playing cards scanner that can be used for gambling cheat together with poker analyzer and edge side marked cards.
There is only one spy marked cards lens hidden into the water bottle. Its scanning distance is 20-80 cm. When you turn on the camera and let the scanning lens face towards the marked cards with invisible ink bar code, it will scan the marked cards immediately and send the date to the online poker analyzer, then you will know the result within 0.3 s.
What is the advantage of water bottle poker scanning camera? You can bring it to casino games and put it on poker table for reading barcode marked decks, no one will find out your marked cards tricks and processed water bottle marked cards lens. If you are looking for poker scanning system, GS marked cards manufacturer can offer you the best playing cards cheating devices for poker games.