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Best Car Key Poker Scanner For Invisble Ink Barcode Cards

Focus On Car Key Poker Scanner

As we all known that the key of door can only open the door. However, the car key can not only open the car door but also help us to operate with poker analyzer in the poker games.
A mini high-definition lens was hidden in the BMW car key which can scan the marked playing cards quickly. It can be used for all kinds of poker analyzers with any marked cards.
All of this can operate by yourself and you do not need to find any other partners. You can get the information you want and know the winner through this scanning camera and poker analyzers.
As for the short distance, the BMW car key scanning camera is a good choice for you. Generally speaking, the distance can be 10-20 cm, 20-30 cm, 30-40 cm and 40-50 cm. If you can find a car key with large enough space, the distance of scanning can reach 60 cm.
The battery can be used for 4 hours. More importantly, the battery could be changeable.
Our BMW car key is a car key model but looks like the original one. You can send us your car key for process. Do not worry about the BMW car key scanning camera being founded by others because car key is common item that no one notices it.

Product Information

Brand: BMW

Color: Black

Battery Life: 3 Hours

Scanning Distance:10-50 cm

Camera:Double Camera

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  • Reply: Hello, dear friend. I sent you the info of the marked cards and camera to your whatsApp, please check and reply. Thank you!

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