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Grey Eyes Contact Lenses See Through Cards

Grey Eyes Infrared Contact Lenses For Sale

Our infrared gray eyes contact lenses are a kind of playing cards contact lenses which we process them with special material in the center of the lenses.
After being processed, it can see the invisible ink marks of marked playing cards. Under the white light, especially the energy-saving light, you can see the markings more clearly. More importantly, it will not change your original eyes color. It is difficult for other players to find out the difference.
It is quite helpful in the poker games. Wearing the infrared gray eyes contact lenses can see the marked poker cards which were printed by invisible ink. And you can know what card any players has and predict which way is the best way for you.
Besides, there is no doubt that all kinds of marked playing cards are suitable for the gray eyes infrared contact lenses.
Before playing the poker games with contact lenses, it had better wear them about several hours for adapting. In addition, please make sure wash your hands before wearing the contact lenses in case of infecting your eyes.
Infrared gray eyes contact lenses are safe and convenient for those who have gray eyes. We have many types infrared contact lenses for sale, if you have any interest, just write to us for infrared contact lenses price.

Product Information

Material: HEMA, Polymacon

Life Span: More than one year

Package: 2pcs/box

Water Content: 100%

Application: Poker Games

Write To Us:markedcardsinvisibleink@hotmail.com



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