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CVK 350 Poker Analyzer

Description:Color: WhiteOrigin: China;Size: 13.7cm*7.1cm*0.7cm;Built-in Scanner: double;Report Speed: 0.1 second;Support Games: More than 100 kinds.Being different from the early model of CVK analyzer

Customized CVK 400 Poker Analyzer

CVK 400 is the latest poker analyzer of CVK series poker analyzers. The scanning distance of the local camera of this analyzer can be between 20cm to 40cm. And what is more, it can work with the lates

Customized CVK500 Poker Scanner Analyzer System

CVK500 poker analyzer is the latest poker scanner system of CVK series poker analyzer in the world. It is a great device for many poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha or Blackjack, etc.The difference