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How Does PK King S608 Poker Analyzer Work?

Fashionable PK King S608 Poker Analyzer With Scanner

GS invisible ink marked cards suppliers have rolled out one kind of high-tech PK King S608 playing poker cards analyzer recently. This latest most fashionable poker analyzer has the same appearance as Samsung mobile phone and it is a real phone which can use it to make calls, take pictures and surf the Internet, etc. It is absolutely a good cover avoid being found by other poker players.
After scanning hidden barcode invisible ink marked cards, PK King S608 poker analyzer will analyzer poker data and you results by spy one to one mini earpiece. In addition, you can choose the way of reporting results by time mode or watch shaking. Being with a single local scanning lens inside S608 poker cards analyzer, it can read marked cards with secret invisible ink barcode and you do not need external poker camera. What is more, the scanning distance can be reached to 20-40 cm.
The biggest advantages among PK King S608 playing cards poker analyzer is that it can set with 5 kinds of poker games. If you have any special needs, please tell us without feeling sorry. The entire PK King S608 poker analyzer include a remote controller, barcode invisible ink marked cards and poker analyzer. How does remote controller play part in poker games? Due to multiple frequency options in remote controller, you can use it to change the numbers of players, turn the built-in camera on/off or choose the way of reporting poker results.

Product Information


1. 1 remote controller

2. 2 batteries or 3 batteries

3. 1 charger

Application: Poker Games

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